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Bold and brilliant, Nashville R&B artist Suzy Jones isn’t here for your approval, but rather to share with the universe an extension of her soul in brief, but breathtaking tunes. With a voice dynamic as Tori Kelly and an attitude all to her own, Suzy Jones is a artist you must have on your radar. You can check out her single, “At All” below.

Current Single: “At All

How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always been a singer! Always a show-off too, as long as I can remember. I really got started when my buddy asked me to do a single in the fall of 2014 in Nashville. The following year I moved here! I went to The Blackbird Academy. I ran a campaign and started recording with my classmates. Come graduation, I had a single and an EP ready to go! EEEEEP!

What would you like to see yourself  accomplish within the next three years?

I want what I do to reach a sort-of cruising altitude, of course. I want to keep sculpting my sound, and stay creative. I’d also LOVE to make a full album and go on tour. Everyone that listens to my music, I want to see their faces. I want that so bad.

Talk to us about your writing process and environment, what are some of the factors and influences behind your instrumental and lyrical content?

Its all derived from personal experience and the lyrics come out of nowhere. I could be ordering a sandwich and i’ll think of a line or a little hook. Then it’ll bother me until I get a pen and write it down. Im usually most creative when i’m driving around, cause I’m focused enough to not get distracted but its also a blind task so my mind’s going ham. I wish I was cool enough to tell you about how I have this crazy zen zone with bean bags and a 287428374089 vinyl collection when I write but nah, i’m lame. It just kind of happens.

If you could collaborate with any artist or group, living or dead, who would it be and why?

BRUH. Okay, wow. Probably Brittany Howard. She’s one of the most creative musicians of my time, and I would die to observe how she does things.

Tell us about your day-to-day lives, discuss the role of music either as a full time job or the time it shares with your other obligations in life.

Ok I wake up, usually to my cat slapping me in the face. I have a list of things to do that I write the night before so I look to that. It involves going to the gym, obsessing over my career, and some miscellaneous activity, I might interact with other humans that day. My only job is being an artist, so thats really all I do. There’s really never a time that i’m not either actively doing something for it, or coordinating something that’s gonna be done for it. It’s a full time job.

What has been the Highlight of your musical journey so far?

A COLLEGE STUDENT IS SINGING MY SINGLE AT THEIR SENIOR RECITAL. That’s like, such a huge deal for me because it’s her big grand finale for her entire college career and she wants my song to be part of it. I was like “bhsjadsbcgfeuywkhbjsd” when I found out. Im going to it and I can’t wait!!!

Describe your gear

So this is nuts but my vocal mic on my EP was either a LITERAL ORIGINAL TELEFUNKEN 251 or an SM7. I ended up liking the SM7 more. In English that means I liked the cheap microphone more than the prestigious vintage $692756 dollar mic. I like big drum sounds and Zildjian cymbals. In English that means I like nice cymbals. ProTools is the DAW. In English that means I use ProTools. I like dreamy reverb and a cute slap delay on my voice where it’s appropriate. In English that means I like my voice to echo or I like my voice to echo backwards kind of maybe. One time I put a RCA 44 in a bathroom and sang into it. In English that means I put a very old microphone in a room where people poop and shave their legs, then sang into it. It sounds real good.

Tell us what artists/bands you’re listening to at this moment in time and why they appeal to you.

Lake Street Dive because they’re putting a very proper jazz vocalist in a fun jammy good time garage band and thats just wicked. Alabama Shakes because Alabama Shakes. Thunderbitch because Brittany Howard. Also Spotify makes playlists for me every week and I’ve been into that a lot just because i’m discovering new tunes! I just discovered Jordan Rakei. Im also FANGIRLING over a local songwriter, Stephen Day. He makes my ears dance.

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