Staff Picks: 5 Cover Songs That Were Better Than The Original


There are some artists who write breathtaking songs, ones that etch a legacy in musical history, and then there are those who just knew how to play it a little better. Here are my personal picks for those whose covers of tracks just might edge out the originals.

“Rich Girl” – Lake Street Dive

The vintage-jazz quartet, Lake Street Dive, takes this classic R&B hit, originally by Hall & Oats, and reimagines it with a jazz-meets-big-band perspective. With upright bass and earthy vocals, this cover of “Rich Girl” will be on replay all day long.

“Super Rich Kids” – The Shadowboxers

All you need are some killer harmonies to bring new life to a beloved tune. The Shadowboxers take a stripped approach to the Frank Ocean hit, but their tight harmonies are all they need to make this cover better than the original.

“Seven Nation Army” – Ben L’Oncle Soul

This groovy rendition of the White Stripes’ tune is hard to turn off. Soaring vocals, bumping bass and trumpeting horns give the song an entirely new sound.

“Circus” – Dirty Loops

Originally a Brittany Spears song, the Dirty Loops, a funky Swedish band, take the major pop hit and turn it into a funky master piece.


“Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley


This tune is delightfully ominous. Add Jeff Buckley’s raspy vocals and thoughtful guitar melodies into the mix, it’s breathtakingly haunting.



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