Behind The Song: Diana Espir – “Tomboy”


French pop artist, Diana Espir is true to herself. So it comes to no surprise that her hit single, “Tomboy” which features rapper Nelly is all about her embracing her tomboy attitude. Recently, the singer opened up to the behind the scenes of her hit single, where it came from, and what it’s about. Espir also released an official lyric video for the track which you can check out below.

My producer Uriel ‘Frenchie’ Kadouch is fascinated by concepts and strong song titles. ‘If I Were a Boy’ by Beyonce, inspired him to elaborate on the subject of an equal relationship and spontaneous friendship between girls and boys. He came up with ‘Tomboy,’ a catchy title; we then worked together on making it sound right for me in terms of sound and production.

It is a playful song about a girl who likes to have a good time with the boys. It expresses a positive message; the equal relationship between a girl and her guy friends, sidestepping love, hate and broken hearts. It also makes a light-hearted statement about female empowerment. Every girl can be tomboyish in her own way and should be herself despite others opinions and expectations.


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