Exclusive Premiere: Nodaway – “Sex Talks”


Nashville indie-rockers, Nodaway, are proud to debut their new single “Sex Talks.” A warm melody of synthetic rhythms, the band will have you up and dancing in no time. Chris Jobe, the front man of Nodaway, took some time to go behind the scenes with the band’s first single.

“I was sitting on the coarse tan hypoallergenic carpet in my charming Nashville home, noodling on my ’65 telecaster when I came up with the lead riff that goes in and out of the song. I then structured the verse and chorus around that and then let the lyrics and melody just come from the music. I’m not one hundred percent sure that is how it happened, but that’s what I think happened. Most of the time when I write, I go back and forth between different lyrics, chords, and melodies in a nearly subconscious manner until I hear something promising.” 

 ” The song came about when my friend/ex-girlfriend from Holland had just came to visit me in Nashville. Previously, we had been just friends when I would go visit her south of Amsterdam. However, this time, for some reason, the chemistry was very much evident and we did things that friends don’t normally do. Following some sad goodbyes, I went into my roommate and I’s instrument room in the attic and wrote “Sex Talks”.”

“The song, for me, is not about a specific relationship or girl per say, but almost more of a narrative of the limbo that exists between two people who really know better, but can’t help themselves. This song is honestly less about sex and more about the fatal attraction between two people who are destined to fall apart. -God that sounds dramatic. If you need anyone to write a daytime soap opera, you’ve got my name haha.”

You can check out “Sex Talks” in the SoundCloud post below, as well as Nodaway’s Noisetrade to download the track.

The risqué music video for “Sex Talks” will drop in January 2015 and the band’s 4-track EP, High Medicine, is set to release in February. 

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Nodaway - Sex Talks


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