My Silent Bravery


Boston’s My Silent Bravery symbolizes persistence, perseverance, and inner strength to overcome obstacles in the face of adversity. Frontman Matthew Wade released his record, Diamond From Coal, this past August, and will be performing all over the northeast this fall. Combining warm melodies and provoking lyrics. My Silent Bravery echoes influences of Daughtry and Maroon 5.

Current Single “On My Side”

Members: Matthew Wade

How did you get your start in music?

I wrote my first song when I was 18. We had a senior project in high school where you could learn about anything that you wanted. For me, that was liberating and almost an epiphany of sorts. Up until then, in school, I was always told what to study, and since I was always playing sports, I didn’t always have this free time on my hands to learn about things I was interested in. It was cool because it gave me that ability to pursue a personal interest of mine. Up to that point, aside from sports, I hadn’t had that many interests, so music gave me that opportunity. So I wrote my first song, which, interestingly enough, moving ahead years later, was my first song that got some real national attention. It was a song called “Side of the Road,” and was featured on the hit TV show One Tree Hill.

 What has been the highlight of your career so far?

It’s really hard to choose one highlight. I look at a career as just that, many highlights and moments that make up something meaningful. I believe my most meaningful song to date is To Give (featuring Matisyahu). I love the message in the song and feel it is very indicative of who I am as an artist and person. A couple of the most meaningful shows that come to mind include: opening for Daughtry and Delta Rae at WXLO Acoustic X Mas at Mechanics Hall, and also opening up for the Wailers. Bob Marley and the Wailers are one of my all-time favorites, so it was pretty awesome to share the stage and hang and party with these guys.

Why should people listen to you? What makes you different?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.

As mentioned above, I have always been interested in music and starting writing my own songs when I was 18.  When I was 21, I was travelling in Australia and I had a very painful sports injury which made me question my purpose for being on this earth.  Through searching for a cure for the injury, it led me to spirituality and a higher calling. I wanted to become a better person and a more sharing individual.  Through personal work and transformation, I learned the importance of “paying it forward” and helping other people to do the same. Along with my spiritual and volunteer work, I recognized that music was the outlet that I wanted to pursue to share my life experiences and point of view with the world. One thing I love about music is its ability to unite people. If you poll a 100 people; probably 99 of them love music, and for varying reasons.

I love music for its ability to inspire, among other things. Music has personally inspired me to work hard and overcome self-doubt and feelings of not being a good enough musician and even human being at times. It helped me realize that I need to work hard and earn every opportunity, and that earning is what brings fulfillment. I have since released 3 albums and am about to release my fourth, Diamond from Coal, on August 11. I played 300 shows between 2009-2011 and from 2012 to present I have shared the stage with many of my favorite artists including: Daughtry, Delta Rae, Howie Day, Kris Allen, John Waite, The Wailers, Candlebox, Ryan, Cabrera, Jason Castro, Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton, Ed Kowalczyk (Live) and Rusted Root.

While I am not sure it makes me different, one of the reasons I believe people should listen to me, is that I have worked hard and overcome obstacles in my life, and would like to be a model for other people to do the same. That’s where the name My Silent Bravery comes from. To me, the name symbolizes inner strength, persistence, and perseverance to overcome obstacles. Music is the vehicle that allows me to pay it forward in the hopes that it helps people overcome their challenges and then hopefully they will pay it forward as well.

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