Fever Fever – Aftermath


Fever Fever – Aftermath
Review by Geoff Burns

Fever Fever, an indie rock and roll band based out of Ohio, released its debut album, Aftermath, via Slospeak Records. The 12-song album contains strong vocal performance from singer Andrew Murfin, as well as creative instrumentation on each track.

The album opens with the title track, which is potentially Murfin’s strongest vocals on the record. The track contains lyrics like “But in the aftermath, of your reckless love, I feel more alive than I ever was.” The upbeat song contains elements of picking yourself up after being knocked down. It’s about feeling stronger after times get rough.

Skip a few tracks and we land on “Sea Meets Earth.” The song stands out as what Fever Fever is capable of when creating promising music. The track leads into an emotional bridge of steady drum beats with electronic sounds overlapping as Murfin begins to sing, “You wear me down like when the sea meets Earth, I fade away just like the rocks have worn, don’t you see what you do to me.” The track indicates where Fever Fever will be on its next release and what the band could have the power to evolve after time.

Aftermath ends with the track “Collapse.” Filled with empowering drums and more waves of synthesizing sounds, Fever Fever show no signs of ending the album with a lack of creativity.

While Aftermath is only the first album from Fever Fever, the band demonstrates what they want to sound like and don’t have a problem in doing so.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Recommended Tracks: “Aftermath” and “Sea Meets Earth”
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