Sparks The Rescue – Sparks The Rescue (EP)


Sparks The Rescue EP- Sparks The Rescue
Review by Jen Boylen 

Sparks the Rescue is one of those bands who is basically the definition of pop-rock.   Upbeat and packed full of guitars and drums-making their music the kind that always puts a smile on anyone’s face when it comes on shuffle.  Since forming in 2006, fast forward three releases and Sparks The Rescue has released a self-titled EP.   Compiled of an intro followed by six tracks, the Sparks the Rescue EP is a success from start to finish.

Usually, I cannot stand intros or interludes.  Most of the time I feel like they’re a waste of space, but Sparks the Rescue has managed to create one that I don’t mind.  It fades into static and a heart-beat-esque rhythm while finishing off with distant gang vocals-definitely sets listeners up for the feel of the whole EP.  This is immediately followed by “Disaster”-which Sparks the Rescue released a video for two weeks earlier.  It’s definitely a track worthy of a video, and it’s just begging to be rocked out to in the car with the windows down.

With track number three we chill out a little bit.  “Water Your Heart (Safe, Sound, and Buried)” still has a pretty upbeat chorus, but it has the feel of a ballad through out the verses.

“Last Chance For Romance” picks things back up a little bit, and definitely goes back to the feel of earlier Sparks the Rescue releases.  The first thing I thought of was “Hello Mexico” from Eyes To the Sun; which is one of my favorites of theirs.

The next track: “Burn All of My Clothes” is definitely my top pick off of this EP.  I love the anger and emotion thrown at listeners through every word.  Plus, gang vocals always earn an A+ in my book, and Sparks the Rescue executes them famously in this song.

“Dream. Catch. Her.” happens to be another one of those chill, easy listening rock songs.  It’s like a late night walk, thinking about that girl or guy you can’t have but can’t stop thinking about.  This is a song anyone can relate to, in some way or another, and more so a song everyone can enjoy.

The Sparks The Rescue EP closes with acoustic guitars and strings.  “Phoenix” is without a doubt the love song of this release.  With close miked vocals and dreamy guitar melodies, it will grab a hold of the heartstrings so much that listeners can almost feel how conflicted and sad lead singer Alex Roy is over this girl.  This is definitely not one to miss.

Sparks The Rescue has been on my radar for quite some time, but after this EP they took a huge leap forward in my list of favorite bands.  They are maturing and evolving as musicians while still staying true to what makes their fans love to listen to them and Sparks The Rescue-EP is no exception.

Overall Rating : 4.5/5
Recommended Tracks: Burn All of My Clothes, Pheonix



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