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2011 has just wrapped up and we’re checking in with several industry professionals to help you gain insight into the industry! Highlight caught up with photographer Tom Falcone. Read his guest blog below to learn about who he is, what he does, his 2011 adventures and what’s to come for him in 2012!

Hey guys!

                     By ending my last couple days in 2011 with back to back Alternative Press (Magazine) shoots, things have been a little…outrageous … I would say. Being as young as I am, it takes me a while to realize what actually is going on sometimes. I tell my friends what I do, and jaws drop, yet, I don’t understand. To me, this is life; to me, this is my career. I am human. I am Tom Falcone (20), freelance photographer.
                     Long story short, through all the shitty jobs and terrible summers from the age of 14-16, I eventually went through 3 different Canon EOS cameras after trying to convince my parents I wanted to start shooting, (EOS Rebel > 20D > 5D), and that I did. Being raised in the tri-state area (NY), I had access to large cities, NYC, NJ, Poughkeepsie,  Hartford CT etc. Being an inspiring photographer, at the age of 16, I set goals for myself to become better and better. Networking to phone calls to sending managers e-mails offering my services, even though I was young, I knew I wanted to start my portfolio with some big name bands/artists. I had gotten the chance to work with a few local bands until I received my first huge job given by Glamour Kills Clothing. The job was to shoot all 9 or 10 bands they endorsed over a span of 2 days. It was great. After that gig, I realized I had my first official “contact” and went from there. I stayed in touch with a lot of the people at GK and rolled with it.
                     After being in “the press game” for quite the time, I saw photographers such as Adam Elmakias, Tom Barnes, Ryan Russell, traveling with the bands, documenting tour life. And I said, ‘hey, why can’t I do that?’ and that’s just what I did. Set a goal, and ended up getting 2 touring gigs while still being in high school. It’s different being on tour with an artist. You become best friends. You live together for the time you are out. Everyone is going through the same shit. Hungry, hungover, tired, hot, cold, sick, etc etc. It never stops. It is an experience that I have yet to even  explain to my parents. My parents have came out to shows when I was out certain tours. My mom is still confused how a human can sleep in a “bunk”, it’s funny.
                     So! 2011. Easily the most productive year of my life. So let me break it down quick and easy. Toured the east coast during school, haha. Toured Canada for 2 weeks along with west coast and east coast again. Had my first two official spreads in Alt Press in the same month. Shot the entire album artwork for a Hopeless records band. Shot over 3 weddings within a week of going on tour. Got my photo printed on the back of an All Time Low hoodie. Almost successfully killed Cameron Hurley of WATIC by throwing him in traffic on a main road.  Met and hung out with some of my favorite photographers and a lot more that I do not remember haha.
                     I have a lot of goals in 2012. I want to make a name for myself before the world ends…ya know? I am looking forward to keep working with Alt Press. Looking forward not going back to school after May. Looking forward to possible tours and maybe even touring for a full year after I get out of school. Things are all up in the air, which is the best thing. That is why I love my job… For all I know, I could score a gig right now for tomorrow for the cover of Rolling Stone haha. My life is a day by day living situation and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.
                     I have a lot on my mind. Always will. I will not stop shooting, networking, working hard making contacts until…god knows when. I am proud of what I do and what I’ve become. Isn’t that the way life is supposed to be?

– Tom Falcone

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