REVIEW: Little Coyote – “The Problem With Teeth”


By: Annette Hansen

Little Coyote began as a musical outlet and persona for lead singer Teagan Johnston, but in 2015 the project transformed itself into a full band ensemble. Now as a full fledged indie pop three-piece, with the additions of Byron Patterson and Mike Poisson, the band released their debut full-length record The Problem With Teeth  on Oct. 13 via Egghunt Records.

With this first album the band let their indie, folk and pop influences shine through. From start to finish the album features a nice blend of dreamy and haunting piano laced melodies. This is epitomized on the closing and namesake track “The Problem with Teeth” which is a quiet, emotional piece featuring some beautiful piano work. “Medicine” and “Delirium” are also particularly enjoyable tracks that are some of the bounciest and liveliest songs on the whole record.

The Problem With Teeth certainly has a few problems, however. What the album really lacks is life. It’s often hard to distinguish where one song ends and the next begins. While there are many pretty moments that are easy to appreciate on this album, there isn’t much variation or really much to get excited about here. Songs rarely change pace and tone shifts are nearly non-existent. While each tracks is perfectly fine on it’s own they’re a bit taxing when all strung together.

Overall, Little Coyote is clearly capable of putting out some beautiful music into the world, they just need back it up with a touch of liveliness to make them worth the repeated listens.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Recommended Tracks: “Medicine” and “Delirium”


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