DON’T MISS OUT: Best Behavior Are An Indie Sensation


Best Behavior, a four-piece garage rock band based out of Brooklyn, have been busy at work with their new record Things That Happened. We caught up with the band to see what they were up to, what their new music video for their song “Say” is about and what influences their daily lives.

What are you all up to today?

​Alex:Running around the city. The album premiered today. It’s crazy.
Dan: It’s a dream day really. A little time to work on music before I have go to work.

Tell me a little bit about what Things That Happened is about.

​Alex: Really they were things that happened to me in NYC the past two years. All the interactions and experiences you have become your life. Life becomes song.
Dan: For me, its about the past. 

What does Things That Happened mean to you as a band?

​Alex:It’s really just a release. I’m not sure we hold it in any other regard.
Dan: Creating art is exhilarating, going through releasing it and distributing it can feel alienating. By the time I’ve ever released anything, I have felt like it doesn’t really represent me anymore. I think its something you have to go through. You work on every detail endlessly, obsessively… excessively. You spend all of your time thinking about it. And then when it comes out, you have already transformed into something else. Look for something completely different in 2018. Get busy being born or get busy dying. I think Dylan said that. Or he stole it from somebody.

Tell me a little bit about “Say” and the music video.

​Alex:We were stoked to go to Coney and shoot a video. It’s just a reflection what it’s like to be a strange child in the universe.
Dan: We wanted to do something different than just playing our instruments and mugging for the camera. Whenever anyone is trying to sell you a thrill, I would be skeptical. You know the legend about how the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Lenape for like 20 bucks? First in a great line of the many New York swindles. Coney Island is another one. The false promise of escape at the end of F line, and it’s incredible in its attempts to sell you fun. I really love that about it. I think a real connection with other human beings is the only thing that any of us are ever looking for, and we wanted to make a video about that. Everyone in Best Behavior has been too small to ride before. I find, to my horror, I may still be too small to ride. 

What or who were your biggest inspirations and influences for the EP?

​Alex:We were listening to a lot of Phoenix and Amy Winehouse at the time.
Dan: I think Phil Spector’s one of a kind cacophony also looms large here.


Best Behavior has a genre bending aspect to the band that is more uncommon in the music scene. How do you navigate blending these different sounds together?

​Alex:Yeah people keep talking about that. We all wear different masks. We just kind of wear them on our sleeve. Our new material is even more rock then anything we’ve done.
Dan: Sometimes you just do what you love and it comes out a certain way. All the genres are already bent. You can be purist about anything if you want. People are doing it with their gustatory diet, why not with your auditory diet? Like maybe you refuse to eat lobster. Some people read David Foster Wallace and won’t eat lobster. If there’s even a hint of lobster on their plate, they’ve already decided its wrong or disgusting. That’s totally fine if you feel that way. Best Behavior would eat a snake if that’s what the catch of the day was.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

​Alex: ​HIGHLIGHT MAG!! You have to appreciate every moment you get to do this.
Dan: Playing with my brothers.

Is there an upcoming full-length album in the works?

​Alex:No doubt about it. Can’t wait to share these new songs with you.

Brooklyn is probably my favorite place in the U.S., do you feel like NYC has influenced your music and the way you write songs?

​Alex:No doubt it. As soon as you step foot in the city it changes you.
Dan: I love New York City so much. I love it like I love everything, against my better judgement. It’s killing me, but I love it. New York gives you ultimatum everyday: Hey buddy? You really wanna live here? Even the simplest quotidian chore becomes a herculean test of strength. Forget about making a record and playing shows, I’m talking about going to the post office. That’s a whole day right there. But, it breaks you down to your most elemental desires and refines your drive and pushes to make a choice. Your hand cannot remain limp. If you write a song here, you grasp.

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