Behind The Song: One For The Braves On Negativity, Hate With “Dirt Nap”


New York pop punk group One For The Braves are high energy and reminiscent of the nostalgia rockers of the early 2000’s. Their track “Dirt Nap” off their EP ““Does Anybody Honestly Care”, is a bright song with eclectic instrumentation. Check out the video and what the song is about below.

“Not every person on this planet is going to like you and wish you the best. There’s a lot of people out there who are going to flat out hate you. That’s how life works. Whatever the reason people will always find a reason to hate. Dirt Nap is about accepting this mentality and moving on with life regardless of it. You can’t let all the negative people get in your head and dictate your life or you can brush it off and keep moving forward.

In the video, we used signs and people’s interpretations of the signs to show some of the negative things people can do or say that may ‘Get Into Your Head’ and weigh heavy on your mind. From light hearted things like ‘Your Band Sucks’ to some heavier ones like ‘You’d Be Better Off Dead’.…. We shot it at a high school track with me running and interacting with the signs/people and ultimately brushing them off and continuing on, not letting them get to me.”


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