Behind The Song: Grizfolk On Their Night Time Drive With “In My Arms”


Bassist of Grizfolk, Brendan Willing James, said the band traveled a lot within the last year. Their indie sensible track has modern rock chutzpah and jive. Featuring Jamie N. Commons who adds a whimsical touch to the track, the song is coincidently a perfect song to have alongside you during those long night drives. Featured on Letterman and Conan, the band have been doing more than just globetrotting.

“We were off the road for a lot of 2016, so we would frequently gather in one of our living rooms to write, many times starting with a current events in the round discussion. News, shows we had gone to, Game of Thrones theories, just talking about whatever was fresh. We reached out to Jamie on one of those days to see if he’d be up for a co-write, and a few days later there we were at Seb’s cracking a beer and sharing ideas. Seb had a beat and a start of a melody, but we needed a theme.

There are a few pretty different elements that went into this song. Brendan mentioned that idea of the ‘falling dream’, the one that most people have experienced, where you sort of jolt awake and feel a falling sensation. We riffed on that idea, where the ripples of your dreams/nightmares would affect a person laying there next to you. We certainly need more comfort, more empathy and love right now. Wrapping somebody up with an embrace is such a simple and powerful act, and it felt like a poignant theme for the music of the song.”


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