Behind The Song: Rival Town’s “Colder”


Rival Town are making waves with their Real Friends-esque approach to pop punk: true and from the heart. An upbeat bop, the track has depth and depicts a “heart’s struggle with practicality” according to the band. Check out the video and a quote from the band below. Their EP Make It Work is available on Spotify.

“’Colder’ touches on a lot of the same emotions as our lead single ‘See Through’, and it was actually reconstructed from a song/story concept Cary wrote years ago. This one very much focuses on the heart’s struggle with practicality, and is almost like the anti ‘See Through.’ It heavily invokes the concept of shutting yourself or your emotions away in an attempt to protect yourself. Musically, the song progresses from mellow guitar vibes to swirling skate punk in the second verse. We felt like it was a great opener.”


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