PREMIERE: Radnor’s Multimedia Art Project “Tell Me I’ll Be Alright” Shines Light On Speaking Out On Mental Health


Nashville’s Radnor are a duo making waves in the music art space. Their artistic music video doubling as a M.A.P (Multimedia Art Project) tells and shows a story about mental illness and ending the stigma of shame. An an electro-indie bop, the band have carved out a unique niche of blending multiple genres into the art space of music. Check out their video below and a quote about the making of the track.

‘”Tell Me I’ll Be Alright’ is our first attempt at what we call a M.A.P. (Multi-media Art Project). A map is collaborative effort with artists across multiple mediums to create one piece, centered around one theme. In this piece we wanted to represent vulnerability. TMIBA’s quiet, mellow verses paired with Warner’s vulnerable lyrics make it the perfect song to represent this theme. We wanted to choose art forms that, like the song, represented the theme to the best of its ability. We collaborated with a painter and we had dancer choreograph a whole piece to the song. In addition, we interviewed 6 individuals about hardships they’ve faced and how they overcame them. To us, that was vulnerability in its purest form. All of these pieces are featured in the music video and will also be stand-alone pieces. What we want to accomplish with this project is to highlight the importance of vulnerability and help to end the stigma of opening up to others about mental health issues.”


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