REVIEW: Frank Iero and The Patience – “Keep The Coffins Coming”


Review by: Sarah Akomanyi

For an EP to kickstart with the ability to relate as a factor is an aspect that is admirable. Through the emotions emitted through the lyrics of “I’m a Mess”, Frank Iero and The Patience give us a glimpse of what the internet can surround itself with, the romanticism of feelings, explaining what personally makes Iero ‘a mess.’ Instead of presenting this in 140 characters, there is there minutes of pure energy,  a moodboard of 90s grunge bands to envision and honesty. The EP Keep The Coffins Coming dropped this month via BMG/Vagrant Records.

Continuing with the angsty nature brings “Bff”, trying to understand the breakdown of a so called best friend. With the lyrics showing a more simplistic narrative, not getting to grips on the reason behind the fallout is the difficult part. It is times like these that allow you to realize there are moments in life that need to be let go more than others, and sometimes for the best.

Releasing what was building up inside, “No Fun Club” does just that. Being the shortest track on the EP means nothing; providing pure chaos, energy and a distinct taste of irony; as no doubt would this track go down perfectly during their live shows.

Just when these four tracks could not be any different, and also consistent, “You Are My Sunshine” puts that into perspective. Unlike the others, this is a slower, yet reminiscent progression, which ventures from vocals, drum beats and a guitar. Simplistic and also unique all at once.

With the guidance of producer Steve Albini, what Frank Iero and the Patience did with Keep The Coffins Coming was depict their live shows through their music. For the EP itself, there are no connotations of past musical ventures, which allows for an original sound and atmosphere. A little goes a long way when it comes to these four tracks.

There is no doubt that this EP may have given a taste of what future releases are ventured to be similar to, with the idea of not knowing what to expect.  But one thing’s for sure, Frank Iero and the Patience are not about the predictability factor.

Recommended tracks: “You are My Sunshine” and “I’m a Mess”


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