PREMIERE: Cheem Unveil Music Video For “Monster Gorp”


By: Lindsy Carrasquillo

In Cheem’s new music video for “Monster Gorp”, the math/indie rock group from Connecticut takes a listener on a fun journey that contrasts the song’s somber sound.  

The creation of the music video was a DIY effort made by using a green screen that was pinned in a friend’s living room.

“The idea behind the video was that, over the course of the song, we’d have a character be taken on some wild imaginary adventure through these surreal, unfamiliar settings,” bassist RJ Briggs said. “In a sense, that mirror’s Sam’s lyrical concept. We were very aware of our production limitations while we were planning; we intentionally wrote the video to be as campy as possible so that the idea would still come through on a budget of virtually zero money.”

The track is off of Cheem’s upcoming record, Downhill, which will be released October 6, 2017 via Whelmed Records and is very personal to vocalist Sam Nazz.

“It’s about feeling really out of place in an environment you have always been told is supposed to be your safe grounds,” Nazz said. “The song is, in a sense, dreaming about getting away from that place and searching for the actual place you could call home.”

You can pre-order their album here.


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