Hostile Array on Inspiration for New Single: “Dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism”


“They care more about the flag than what the flag represents,” Brendan Frey screams in the opening line of “Herd Instinct.”

Metalcore quintet Hostile Array’s latest single is an apt release, considering the current nationwide division on the NFL’s National Anthem protests. The Maryland band, formerly known as My Ransomed Soul, make a literal critique of blind patriotism in their video for the song, with blindfolded individuals facing an American flag.

“If we lose our principles, our nation has no value,”┬ásaid vocalist Frey. “We have lost our sense of what it means to have true freedom. If you protest the system or the powers that be, people often claim that you’re ‘anti-American’. In my opinion, dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism.”

Hostile Array’s forthcoming album is due out in 2018.


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