BEHIND THE SONG: A Better Hand On “So Long Goodbye”


Minnesota pop punk natives A Better Hand are making a name for themselves. Recently, the band opened up for As It Is and being featured on an Alternative Press playlist. We teamed up with A Better Hand to talk about their song “So Long Goodbye” and what the song means to lead singer Zakk Rettke.

“’So Long Goodbye’ was the last song we wrote for our EP and we knew it had to sum up the record. Leaving loved ones behind is a feeling musicians know all too well. For us this song captures the emotions felt while having to leave someone or something behind, to chase a dream. The lyric ‘we spin just like a broken record’ refers to a dead end relationship. Both people still love each other which makes it so much harder to leave, but deep down they know they can’t stay together. Leaving a person you still love can weigh on your mind and make you question yourself. The lyric ‘following my headlights home tonight’ refers to looking towards the future instead of thinking about the past. A Better Hand is all about new beginnings and making the best out of a situation that may seem dismal. We truly believe that your life is shaped by how you come back from your failures.“


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