Behind The Song: Civil Youth On “Between Me & You”


Philadelphia’s rising indie alternative/rock band Civil Youth has been making waves this year with the release of their third full-length album, Conversations, opening for bands like Twenty One Pilots, AWOLNATION, Phantogram and Capital Cities. Today, they’ve teamed up with Highlight to bring you the truth behind their new single “Between Me & You” off their debut record Disguised In Color.

“‘Between Me & You’ came together essentially right from the start. Evan had wrote the music for the entire song and sent it to me (Mike) when I was on vacation. I don’t normally go on vacation and when he sent it to me, I listened right away and couldn’t contain my excitement. I wanted to be home in the studio working on it right away. I gathered lyrics I had been saving for a while then and worked them into the song until they fit. Pretty standard stuff to be honest and when we went to do pre-production on the song, I had a different melody in the beginning, which we worked into what you hear on the song. From there, not much more had been done to it. The demo and actual song sound pretty similar. It was one of those songs that really just wrote itself. After its completion in the studio, we showed it to some of our friends and everyone loved how catchy it was and they all thought it was going to be a hit so we decided to make it a single. Definitely one of the more fun songs to play live and even when we released it, Alternative Press showed their interested and did the exclusive premier so maybe our friends were right in picking the single [laughs].”


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