Behind The Song: Hello, Atlantic On “That’s Discipline, Son”


The Rhode Island quintet Hello, Atlantic made their main stage debut at Warped Tour last month with their single “That’s Discipline, Son” off their upcoming EP. Taking influences from Four Year Strong, The Starting Line, and Our Last Night, the band have perfected the quintessential pop punk sound of the mid-2000’s. Check out what the band have to say about the song below:

“‘That’s Discipline, Son’ is a song that we wrote about a previous member of the band. We originally wrote everything but the lyrics with him, ironically we had already named it ‘That’s Discipline, Son’ while he was still a member. We figured the name fit since he deceived us, so we kept the original working title. We were forced to kick him out when a certain incident occurred and we agreed he was no longer worthy of the spot in the band. We typically write about what we as a band and also as individuals are going through most at the time.  So when we were writing the lyrics, we were going through a whole bunch of drama with him. Since the song was already titled ‘That’s Discipline, Son’ we figured it fit the narrative we were trying to portray, very well.”.



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