PREMIERE: Chapellz Sultry, Electro Music Video For “Passion”


Canadian electro-rock duo Chapellz are releasing their record Notone on September 1, 2017. A mix of soulful pop with electro beats, Chapellz have premiered their music video “Passion” with Highlight Magazine today. Check out a quote from the band below:

“The video was inspired by 40’s film noir. It’s a dramatic love story between a starlet and a regular man. They felt in love and get married. A few years later, the sudden death of her husband left her with question s and a deep depression. She died old at her home with her broken heart. She never knew who or what had killed her late husband. The ending is the starlet returning to life in the present times (2017) she ran into a man and she got a feeling of deja vu, she felt like she knew him but have no idea who he is, like a ghost she ones knew…”


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