FEATURE: Lost In Japan On Their Indie Rock Sound


Lost In Japan are an indie-rock group from Canada in the vein of Two Door Cinema Club and early Kings Of Leon. A mix of youthful pop sensibility and indie soul, Lost In Japan are making a name for themselves. The band released their EP The Ghost and the Wolf earlier this year. We caught up with singer Addison Johnson and guitarist Chris Hoekstra to discuss their EP, how they got together, their hopes for the band and influences.

Your EP The Ghost and the Wolf is great. Why did you call it that?
Johnson: I was going through some stuff with losing loved ones and it had a good vibe to [the name]. The chords are uplifting, but the lyrics have a darker vibe to them. I thought [the EP]had to have a darker name. I thought it was cool too.

My favorite song is “Animal,” what is that song about?
Johnson: “Animal” was a more uplifting one. We came up with it when we were skiing and got the idea from a bunch of people walking past us. It’s an inspiring song where no matter what, [music]is what I want to do. No matter who is there, [I] always [want]to play.

What is “Wake Up” about?
Johnson: It’s about looking back. It’s about nostalgia and seeing how you’ve grown, how things over time change, but when you try to recreate those moments. You can’t go back, so you can only look forward.

How did the band start?
Hoekstra: Addison just messaged us about getting things together. I thought, “I’ve never really been in a band” and we started jamming.

What or who are some of your influences or favorite bands?
Johnson: I listen to a lot of Arkells. Also, Tokyo Police Club. For me, I love indie pop stuff, The Wombats, stuff like that.

Hoekstra: What gives us a really cool sound is that we each listen to different stuff. I’m more of a blues guy. I bring those mixes and incorporate it into [our]indie rock sound.

What was it like going into the studio for the first time?
Johnson: We recorded at this place called the Sugar Shack in London [Canada]. On the outside, they make it look worn down, but when you go in there it’s the nicest studio. The studio has such a cool vibe to it. It feels like you’re recording in a home studio, but they have great equipment. It’s incredible. Also, our engineer/producer did a lot of great things for us.

Are you going to be making a full length soon?
Johnson: We’re talking about that. We’re thinking either another EP or a full length. We have the material for it, We definitely want a more positive vibe [next time around]. Our writing has definitely reflected that, it’s got a good feel to it.

What are some goals you have for LIJ?
Johnson: Definitely to create an album. We want to get as much music out there. We do want to tour more. We [might]look into opening up for bigger acts. That would be incredible.

What would be your dream act to open up for?
Johnson: For me, to play with the Arkells would be incredible. I don’t know about you guys, but that would be amazing if that happened.

Watch out for a tour in the fall. Keep your eyes peeled!


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