REVIEW: Broadside – “Paradise”


Review by: Annette Hansen

In 2015, Broadside released their debut full-length album Old Bones via Victory Records and quickly marked themselves as a band to watch. Now in the summer of 2017 they have done far more than simply exceed expectations. With Old Bones the band introduced listeners to their catchy and high octane brand of pop punk. On the band’s sophomore Paradise Broadside are more infectious and gripping than ever before.

With Paradise the band have filled out their sound with the addition of guitarist Dorian Cooke on vocals, adding a nice back and forth with lead vocalist Ollie Baxxter. The band have also played around with a few new pieces of instrumentation with this latest release, noticeable on the horn laced “Puzzle Pieces” and the sweet ukulele track “I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting.”

Broadside have also come back stronger than ever with a slew of bangers throughout the album. Paradise kicks it off hard and fast with opening tracks “Hidden Colors” and “Paradise.” “Disconnect”, “Tunnel Vision” and “Miss Imperius” are also the kind of hard hitting numbers that any pop punk fan will find hard to resist. Broadside also manage to charm even on the softer moments of the album with the emotionally powerful “Laps Around A Picture Frame”, the acoustic “Summer Stained” and the previously mentioned “I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting.”

Even more so, the band will easily win listeners over with their empowering and relatable lyrics. From “Puzzle Pieces” and it’s message of unity and raising your voice to the loneliness and desire for acceptance we all experience on “Summer Stained”, Paradise shows us a band that has something powerful to say. Paradise is easily one of the strongest albums of the year so far and is a perfect summer gem that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Stars: 9/10

Best tracks: “Paradise” and “Laps Around a Picture Frame”


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