Sara Diamond Premieres Post-Breakup Single/Video for “Back to You”


Montreal singer-songwriter Sara Diamond has shared the first in a series of love-song singles to be released throughout the year: “Back to You,” premiered on Noisey Friday, captures an internal struggle after a breakup.

“Back to You” is about the battle that goes on between your head and your heart right after a breakup. You seem to forget all of the reasons why you broke up, and instead only think about the good times, the memories, the love that initially brought you together. Our minds have a powerful way of shielding us from hurt–my mind’s way of doing that was by convincing me that I had made a mistake in ending the relationship. Those specific emotions were so strong and intense for me, because I spent years with someone and then all of a sudden, we weren’t in each other’s lives anymore.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!



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