Review: Grayscale – “Adornment”


Words by Jennifer Boylen

Making a record that is a cohesive body of work is a feat in and of itself. Creating a collection of songs that equally mesh together while also being able to stand on their own requires a great deal of talent and Grayscale has executed such a record perfectly.

The new Fearless Records addition has hit the ground running with their debut, Adornment. This record is eclectic from song to song while still having a backbone specific to Grayscale weaved throughout. Each track is a bit different than the next, showing different strengths, styles, and emotions as the album plays on. It opens strong and energetic with “Let It Rain” and “Come Undone”. I was a bit apprehensive about Patty Walters being featured on this song because the sound of his voice is so different than that of Grayscale. However, the combo melds flawlessly. The different vocal styles adds a great amount of texture and depth to an already solid track. As we hit track three, Adornment ebbs and flows between slow and heavy and catchy pop punk through the middle with “Atlantic” and “Forever Yours”. Then, it picks back up a bit through “Mum” and “Fever Dream” with grit and superpowered vocals. As Adornment continues, it comes full circle and ends just as strong as it began; “If I Ever See You Again” is upbeat, complete with a killer guitar solo and the perfect way to close out an impressive record.

From start to finish, Adornment is full of catchy hooks, original riffs, and honest lyrics. If there is anything your ears are missing, this album can probably give it to you (even xylophone). Each track is easy to relate to and very real. I connected to several songs on this record more than any song I can recall in recent memory and I’m sure many other people will also be in that boat. It’s refreshing to hear a record that reminds you of all the artists you already love while still genuinely bringing it’s own sound to the table. I tried so hard to relate this record to someone else, but nothing seemed to match up quite right which just really drives home how good Adornment really is. It’s fresh, genuine, and definitely something worth listening to.

Recommended Tracks: “Atlantic”, “Fever Dreams”, and “If I Ever See You Again”



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