BEHIND THE SONG: Right On, Kid – “Safe Haven”


Right On, Kid are a pop punk band fresh off the vibes from their 2016 record release On The Brighter Side of Things where they were able to work with with David Dominguez (The Offspring, Weezer). Originally formed as an acoustic project in 2015, the band now deliver uptempo melodies coupled with an unapologetic and youthful sound. Full of spirit and hope, the New Mexico band (vocalist Zach Rose) have a few words to say about the song:

“‘Safe Haven’ was the first song we wrote after the release of  On the Brighter Side of Things. We wrote it as a way to show what direction we were heading with our sound and our lyrics. We really tried to take the time to make thesong hit harder emotionally by writing about our personal battles with anxiety and how that can hurt personal relationships. The song is called ‘Safe Haven’ because the easiest way to find happiness is in the people you surround yourself with.”


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