REVIEW: The Maine – ‘Lovely Little Lonely’


By: Annette Hansen

I feel like it’s sort of expected that most bands will lose the spark that once made their music special over the years. They lose their mojo in a sense. Every once in awhile, though, you come across a band that continues to push themselves and grow into something so much more than anyone would have expected. They take that spark and turn it into a raging flame. For me, The Maine is easily one of those kinds of bands. With each album I’m increasingly convinced of this.

Every time The Maine releases a new album it’s clear to listeners that the band is more sure of the direction they’re heading in and the songs they are crafting along the way. Their sixth album Lovely Little Lonely unsurprisingly falls in line. It’s hard to imagine that the band could top 2015’s stunning American Candy, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ve done just that. Everything about Lovely Little Lonely is next level. The band sound more polished, refined and cohesive than ever.

It’s really hard to find a dull moment on this album. It’s completely dancing on your couch at three am worthy. From the uplifting opener “Don’t Come Down” to the infectious and reminiscent “Do You Remember? (The Other Half Of 23)” to the optimistic yet bittersweet “The Sound Of Reverie” it’s hard pick a moment unworthy of praise. Even as a self-proclaimed hater of transition tracks, I can’t deny that the aptly named “Lovely”, “Little” and “Lonely” add a certain level of fullness to the record.

While The Maine have played around with their sound, often wandering somewhere between true blue rock ‘n’ roll and pop sensibility, Lovely Little Lonely strikes a nice balance with tracks like the harder hitting “Black Butterflies & Deja Vu” and the more straightforward and bouncy “Taxi”. The band have come full circle with their sound and seem to have found a groove that works.

In the end, I can’t express the level of pride and admiration I have for The Maine. They have yet to disappoint. Lovely Little Lonely will just be one of the many reasons this band will continue to win the ears and hearts of listeners.

Recommended Tracks: “Black Butterflies & Deja Vu” and “The Sound Of Reverie”


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