REVIEW: Creeper – ‘Eternity in Your Arms’


Words by Annette Hansen


If your heart still bleeds black and you still long for the time when dark, dramatic punk ruled the scene, then Creeper might just be the answer to your prayers. Since 2014 the theatrical punk rockers have been gaining some serious traction in the alternative community. Now, after captivating listeners with a string of EPs, Creeper are here to enrapture more ears with their debut full-length album Eternity in Your Arms via Roadrunner Records.

Creeper capture a sound that’s really refreshing to see bubble up in a sea of lackluster music. They offer a taste of the sensational. Eternity in Your Arms doesn’t back down on that either, it fully embraces it. Songs like “Black Rain”, “Suzanne” and “I Choose to Live” are lively tracks with passionate vocals that call back to bands like My Chemical Romance and Aiden.

In the same breath, though, Creeper hold tight to their punk rock and hardcore roots on the album. There are moments on Eternity in Your Arms that are hard hitting, fast paced and quintessentially punk. Tracks like “Poison Pens”, “Room 309” and “Darling” particularly emulate those influences. While these may not be the most memorable tracks on the album, they are hard not to enjoy in the moment.

Even in the softer moments this album marks itself as a stand-out debut. “Misery” is wonderfully melodramatic and the stripped-back “Crickets” packs an emotional punch. But where Creeper really seems to pull all their influences together is on upbeat numbers like “Down Below” and “Winona Forever”. These songs are incredibly hooky while still oozing punk rock. The latter track will be stuck in your head forever.

Creeper have firmly planted themselves in the alternative scene, and their continued rise to success is well deserved. Eternity in Your Arms will only add to the band’s already impressive discography and will likely be a staple record for 2017.

Recommended Tracks: “Winona Forever” and “Crickets”


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