REVIEW: Sorority Noise – ‘You’re Not As ___ As You Think’


Sorority Noise – ‘You’re Not As ___ As You Think’
By: Shea Hill

Originating from Hartford, Connecticut, emo powerhouse band Sorority Noise deliver anthems for the hardest times in your life. Known for writing extremely personal lyrics, Sorority Noise often push boundaries by putting out things that no one else would. Their vulnerability concealed throughout catchy melodies and layered chord progressions is what makes Sorority Noise so relatable and well loved. Sorority Noise’s highly anticipated album You’re Not As ___ As You Think via Triple Crown Records completely lives up to everyone’s high expectations. Sorority Noise fans and music lovers in general will be blown away by this album. You’re Not As ___ As You Think prevails as the perfect mix of Sorority Noise’s previous full-lengths, Forgettable (2014) and Joy Departed (2015), and is very reminiscent of Brand New circa Your Favorite Weapon and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. You’re Not As ___ As You Think‘s message reflects exactly what the title intends; Sorority Noise is welcoming listeners to fill the blank themselves and use singer Cameron Boucher’s personal anecdotes to help themselves cope with difficult things going on in their own lives. YNA_AYT serves as a beacon of hope to those struggling, allowing listeners to put the album’s message into whatever perspective they need in whatever area they need help in.

You’re Not As ___ As You Think opens with the dynamic first single “No Halo,” which introduces the album’s daunting tone disguised underneath layers of energetic musicality and a driving drum beat. This opening track encapsulates Sorority Noise’s classic sound in a more mature way than previous albums, demonstrating right off the bat that this album will be the best Sorority Noise release yet. Following this energetic introduction, the second track “A Portrait Of” leaves listeners speechless as Boucher emotionally tells his life story through compelling spoken word over layers of ethereal guitar shredding and darker undertones. Boucher incorporates aspects from his other band, Old Gray, by featuring this spoken word to conclude “A Portrait Of,” but keeps the song classically Sorority Noise with powerful guitar riffs and striking chords. Many songs on this album begin with a slow, rhythmic guitar strum followed by loud full-band hits—another characteristically Sorority Noise element that long-time fans will love to hear return.


YNA_AYT talks a lot of death and God, highlighted most in Boucher’s two tributes to his lost friends: “First Letter From St. Sean” and “Second Letter From St. Julien.” Coming off the energy of “A Portrait Of” and diving immediately into the solemnness of “First Letter From St. Sean,” listeners really get a feel for the album’s somber motif. In previous interviews discussing the album’s upcoming release, Boucher noted that he wanted to make people uncomfortable with how personal the lyrics on YNA_AYT are. He succeeded in this, and Boucher’s selfless vulnerability is commended. Speaking so personally and deeply about issues like these proves difficult but the candid discussion is important as many listeners struggle with similar issues themselves. Messages of hope quickly follow as dark and seemingly hopeless lyrics are counteracted with comfort stemming from higher energy songs, such as later track “Where Are You Now.” The memorable chorus sings: “I’ve got friends who’ve died / but everything’s going to be alright / They’ll be with me by my side every night,” a comforting message for listeners who may have lost loved ones of their own. This track also features a discussion between Boucher and presumably a friend, opening with a question and answer: “Is everything okay? / Not right now but it will be.” This conversational format is common throughout the album as Boucher reflects on his own struggles with depression and watching his friends go through similar experiences, all while creating a network of support to help each other get through it.

You’re Not As ___ As You Think alternates between high energy ‘scream in your car’ songs and frankly saddening ‘cry alone in your bed’ songs. The mood often switches drastically between songs, once again demonstrating a characteristically Sorority Noise move that fans will enjoy. There seems to be no middle ground for Sorority Noise, but this is refreshing amongst a genre of generalities. For a good time, check out “Disappeared” and “Car.” For something more reflective, check out “Leave The Fan On” and “A Better Sun.”

Not only does You’re Not As ___ As You Think earn ten out of ten stars, but this album will be 2017’s album of the year. Congratulations Sorority Noise on the impeccable release and upcoming full US headlining tour.


Tour dates:
Apr 21 Capital Ale House Richmond, VA
Apr 22 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
Apr 23 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Apr 25 1904 Music Hall Jacksonville, FL
Apr 26 Backbooth Orlando, FL
Apr 28 Sidewinder Austin, TX
May 1 The Rebel Lounge Phoenix, AZ
May 2 House of Blues San Diego, CA
May 3 The Hi Hat Los Angeles, CA
May 4 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA
May 6 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
May 7 Marquis Theater Denver, CO
May 9 Jackpot Music Hall Lawrence, KS
May 10 Firebird St. Louis, MO
May 11 Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL
May 12 Mahall’s Lakewood, OH
May 13 Patchwork Art & Music Festival Saginaw, MI
May 14 Double Happiness Columbus, OH
May 20 Park Sounds Festival Huskvarna, Sweden
May 22 Tsunami Club Cologne, Germany
May 23 Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany
May 24 Winston Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 25 Kavka Antwerp, Belgium
May 27 Slam Dunk Festival Birmingham, UK
May 28 Slam Dunk Festival Leeds, UK
May 29 Slam Dunk Festival Hertfordshire, UK
Jun 13 Rock & Roll Hotel Washington, DC
Jun 14 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA
Jun 15 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Jun 16 The Sinclair Cambridge, MA
Jun 17 The Ballroom at The Outer Space Hamden, CT


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