Take It ‘Easy Now’: Sawyer’s Feel-Good Single Confronts Letting Go


Nashville duo Sawyer‘s new single, “Easy Now,” is a perfect example of the magic Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey can achieve with the most simple of instrumentation. With silky smooth vocals, their harmonies cascade over an acoustic guitar and modest percussion. In the words of the independent artists, who claim the genre ‘indie sparkle pop,’ “Easy Now” is “an anthem for everybody who needs to go easier on themselves.”

“Easy Now” is like Letting Go 2. Finding a place to put something down at least acknowledges that the whole ‘letting go’ process takes longer than we think, but that keeping open hands is still a part of the story. – Emma

If we did it right, “Easy Now” will be a complex feeling turned into a good time. – Kel

Stream the single below!


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