Highlighted Artist: Carrie Lane


Highlighted Artist: Carrie Lane
Interview by Rachael Dowd

Indie-pop artist Carrie Lane is one to look out for in 2017. Gearing up to release new music this spring, she is introducing her infectiously upbeat “tropic-pop” genre of tunes to the world. We recently caught up with the young singer who told us all about her upcoming release, where her passion for creating really began, and how she is using her platform to spread body positive messages to her fans.

When did you realize singing and creating music was a passion of yours?

I didn’t realize that creating my own music was something I was passionate about until I was about 19 years old. Music had always been a love of mine and a central part of my life, but I don’t think creating my own music even became a factor until I was starting to learn who I was as a person and come into my own, which didn’t happen until later in life.

Growing up, were there any particular artists that influenced you and do they influence the music you make now in any way?

Growing up, I pretty much listened to “oldies” and musical theatre. I think that is actually pretty funny because it speaks to the fact that I am truly an 80 year old woman at heart. I feel like my musical theatre background sort of comes through in the music I do now because it’s all about storytelling. The stories I generally tell are those of love and heartbreak and I feel like they are easy to identify with for my fans.

You have a new release due out this spring, what has the overall writing and recording process been like so far?

Recording this album was amazing, I think it’s something that I am going to remember for the rest of my life because its was something that was both organic and very intimate for everyone involved. I started off just writing one track with Pat Mencel and that kind of sparked a fuse we had no idea was going to set on fire. ROZES ended up joining us in the studio and we ended up with a record that I think is very cool and means a lot to all of us.

Your latest song “If I Can’t Be With You” was recently released. Where did the inspiration for the track come from and does its sound resemble what we can expect to hear on your upcoming release?

It does! We’re saying that this album is in the made-up genre of tropic-pop which we came up with while writing the album. There are beachy vibes and tropical beats that are infused into the indie pop style that the record captures. This song was inspired by my high school sweetheart and that puppy love feeling that you have where someone asks you about the person you love and what would happen if you lost them and you have that feeling of “I would rather die” than be without them.

When it comes to writing and recording songs, do you tend to have a routine that works the best for you or does it differ from song to song?

For me it’s different on every song. What is consistent for me is that I take something that inspires me and we start from there. What that thing is can vary greatly, whether it’s another song, or a lyric, or a memory, or a sentiment… the list goes on and on!

In addition to music, you were involved recently involved in a national campaign with Target. Why is it important for you to spread body positive messages to your listeners and those around the world? Have these topics influenced your music in any way?

Body positivity is something that is very important to me because it is something that I have definitely struggled with throughout my life and I know that I am not alone with that struggle. When there is something that I know a lot of people are struggling with that I feel I can shed light upon how to overcome, I think it is very important to use your voice. I think that theme is definitely relevant in the music I make, as well.

You release an EP in 2016 under the persona Honey Thief. Do you have any plans in the future to release music under this project again?

I don’t at the moment. That project was something very personal and important for me in becoming the artist I am today, but it is not something that is on the table for me at the moment. However, I am a never say never kind of girl!

As an artist who is very active on social media, in what ways do you think social media platforms have impacted your career?

Social media has become such a big part of an artist’s path to success that I feel like the right way to view it is by embracing it. I’m naturally a more private person, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the importance of putting yourself out there in order to gain success in your career. Showing your personal life on a day to day basis is a very intimate way for your fans to get to know you and therefore want to connect to you and your music on a deeper level.


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