FEATURE: In The Middle with MONA


In The Middle with Mona
Interview & Words by Lexy Fields

Rising Nashville-based band MONA has been shaking up the American rock scene since 2007. After taking some time off, the band released their first music in three years, an EP called In The Middle. Pulling from vast life experiences, MONA hits deep with songs such as “Judas” and “In The Middle.”

“These tracks really have the concept of duality. Showing camaraderie, talking about both sides of that – with camaraderie also comes betrayal. We all have duality within us,” frontman Nick Brown said.

The band takes inspiration from “the human factor.” Brown claims that it affects everyone and he really tries to dig deeper into all the different perspectives, religions, cultures, etc., from the traveling the band has done. MONA has worked hard to reflect the human factor in each of their songs as that is what Brown believes true art is. Stripping all titles, the band focuses on the human and writing to be able to relate to the true human emotion.

“Trying to write to the geographical areas or to the different stereotypes – quite frankly, in my opinion, most of that is bullshit. I like stripping it down to kind of the skin and bones of being a human,” Brown admits.

MONA has toured all over the world, including playing some of the most prestigious festivals around like Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and more. A MONA show, they claim, is a completely different vibe than a festival.  While the band enjoys playing festivals and collaborating with a variety of incredible bands, Brown stated that there is nothing like having your tribe surrounding you at your own show.

Brown told us that he believes that people are drawn to different things but over anything, genuine personality and passion.

“I was raised in a trailer park and my boys are from a small town in Kentucky,” he said. “We’ve seen a lot and we’ve done a lot, but we still have that good ol’ boy, kind of white trash vibe. I think that resonates with people.”

The band will be touring in the U.K. and Europe this spring. Brown said that he’s learned something from everyone that they’ve toured with, that all of those people are where they are at for a reason. The band has learned, over everything, to just focus on being MONA.

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