Night Argent Cover Jon Bellion’s “Guillotine”


Alt-pop/rock band Night Argent recently shared their cover of Jon Bellion’s “Guillotine,” filmed in one-take live in the studio. The four-piece released their self-titled debut EP last spring, and a second EP is in the works, with a release date to be announced soon. In between writing and recording their own music, however, the multi-instrumentalists of Night Argent have produced solid renditions of songs likeĀ Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” Katy Perry’s “Legendary Lovers,” and Elliphant’s “Revolusion.”

As a band we have a very clear picture of what our sound is, the direction it’s headed, and the type of original music we want to make. Especially now that we’ve wrapped up recording our 2nd EP together. But as individual musicians we have a very wide and eclectic taste in music and artists, which is something we don’t always get to share with the fans of our music. We decided, as a way to share some of our favorite artists and songs with our fans, to start recording our own broken down versions of songs we typically wouldn’t play in our live show. Not only is it an exciting way for us to push ourselves to explore new things musically, but it’s a way for us to connect with the people who support us and listen to our music, in a new way. – Chase Manhattan (lead vocals, guitar)

Check out the cover:


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