Greyface Release Debut Album, ‘Greyola’


Friday, Los Angeles based indie-rock band Greyface released Greyola, their debut effort realized through the trio’s individual experiences over the years in a variety of projects, ranging from art-rock to dance-pop. While the Florida music scene originally brought them together in the 1990s, it’s Los Angeles in which Justin Taylor, Ryan Malina and Julien Bellin have reunited and declared themselves ‘Greyface’. Ten-track Greyola presents the collision of anthem and lament.

I think we unconsciously channeled the ghosts of 90s alternative rock radio (a latent affection probably due to us all growing up in FL, pre-internet). The ‘more is more’ approach to guitars and vocals made for a lot of late night fun. Things don’t always work out well for the characters in the songs, also not a conscious decision. Greyface is the name of the cat that lives behind the 7-11, on Sunset and Rosemont. – Greyface vocalist Jutty Taylor

Stream the album:


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