Q&A: “I’m willing to break my heart for my fans” — ROZES discusses genuine songwriting and her breakout moment


ROZES Discusses Genuine Songwriting and Her Breakout Moment
Words & Interview by Annette Hansen

Singer and songwriter ROZES quickly jumped into the pop music scene with a collaboration, aptly titled “Roses,” with 2016 breakout artists The Chainsmokers. A new year means new opportunities for an up-and-coming artist like ROZES, and the singer has her sights set on big horizons. We were able to catch up with the singer and discuss the outcome of her hit single and her aspirations as she moves forward.

In college, you decided music was what you wanted to do full time. What was it that drove you to take that leap of faith?

I started skipping class to meet up with The Chainsmokers, and I kind of ended up getting too busy, which is what my plan was. I wanted to be too busy with music to do anything else.

You also seem to have a pretty extensive background in music with a variety of genres. What led you to want to make electronic and pop music?

I don’t think I ever decided to go into the electronic genre. It kind of just found me. I originally aspired to be someone like an Amy Winehouse or a Lana Del Rey where it was more soulful indie, but then I met up with The Chainsmokers and collided with the EDM world. It just took me from there.

Not only do you sing, but you write your own music. As an artist coming up in the pop industry where songs are sold and passed around, do you feel like putting yourself into your work gives you an extra edge?

Yeah, I definitely think so. I think there’s a lot to be said from [being genuine]and writing your own songs. I think that it’s important to tell your story the way you want it to be told. That’s the only way to assure that nobody thinks you’re different than who you are.

Are there any extra challenges you feel like you face in that industry being a songwriter?

I think the only challenge I really do face is sometimes I get myself into deep situations singing about emotions that I haven’t felt in a long time, but I’m willing to break my heart for my fans so that they have somebody there for them to go through their tough times with.

Is it important for you to keep your music something that is your own creation?

Definitely. I think that it’s important to stay unique in this world that’s ever-changing. As long as you have your own style, your own spin on it, you’ll always stay relevant in your genre.

Last year, you put out a pretty massive track aptly named “Roses” with the Chainsmokers. What was it like being such a fresh, new artist and seeing something that you helped create blow up like that?

It definitely wasn’t something I was expecting, but it launched me farther into my career then I could have ever expected, and it’s provided for so much opportunity. It really did put me on a launch pad, as far as being in the music industry. I honestly couldn’t be more blessed to have connected up with them.

So far you’ve released one EP, do you have any plans for future releases?

Yeah, I think in 2017 we plan to have an album out, so that’s something we’re working on now. We have plans for song releases in February and March. Definitely new music and touring is heading that way.

What are some of the goals you have approaching any new material?

I definitely would love to astound my fan base, and I would love to have a song on the radio that is my own and not a collaboration. I think that a big goal for me in 2017, as well, is to be like ‘Best New Artist’ at one of the award shows, obviously that’s the top of my list and probably the hardest to achieve, but I think it’s something to strive for.

After all the growing success you’ve had, how do you hope to continue to grow as an artist moving forward?

Like I said, I would just like to expand my fan base and hopefully bring in more people from different genres and see that I’m trying to blur the lines of music. Hopefully, I can connect to more people on that emotional level.

What would you say has been the most difficult part of your career for you?

I think the most difficult thing has been comparing myself to others. I think it’s so easy to look at where I am in comparison to other artists, and you can’t do that. Their path is different. Some people start out this way or that way. It’s so easy to put yourself down in the industry by comparing who, when, what age. I think that’s been my hardest struggle.

How did you, or do you continue to, overcome these struggles?

It’s something that I work on daily, and I constantly have encouragement from my team and my manager and my boyfriend and my family, so I kind of just try to push those feeling aside. Music is my escape when I’m feeling that way.

What is the ‘highlight’ of your career so far?

I think my ‘highlight’ [was when]I played my hometown arena for Amp Radio, and it was really an awesome experience for me.

What is the one dream the moment at which point either personally or collectively you would be able to say yes I’ve achieved this, I’m living my dreams?

I think either playing Madison Square Garden or getting a Grammy.

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