REVIEW: As It Is – ‘Okay’


As It Is – Okay
Review by Annette Hansen

In 2015, pop punk newcomers As It Is made their mark in the scene with their fantastic debut full-length album, Never Happy, Ever After. They harnessed a sound that was refreshingly vibrant, and it made them a stand-out act. When a band releases a strong debut, there’s always nervous anticipation for a follow-up record. Thankfully fans can rest easy because Okay not only measures up to the achievements of Never Happy, Ever After, but it surpasses them.

With Okay, As It Is has taken their sound to a particularly infectious level. From the start of opening track “Pretty Little Distance” to the final chorus of “Still Remembering,” this is the kind of album that you’ll catch yourself humming even after you’ve walked away.

While the album bursts with energy, it often tackles dark moments of introspection particularly on tracks like namesake “Okay,” “No Way Out” and “Until I Return.” The album bristles with a bit of edge and angst on songs “Soap” and “Austen,” and it even shines in its softer moments especially with the melodic and captivating closer “Still Remembering.”

2017 is only getting started, but As It Is is kicking it off on the right foot because Okay going to be a hard album to shake.

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars
Recommended Tracks: “Okay,” “Soap” and “Still Remembering”


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