PHOTO GALLERY + REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless at Showbox SoDo in Seattle


The Pretty Reckless
Showbox SoDo // Seattle, WA // December 2, 2016
Photos by Rachael Dowd


Playing to a jam-packed Showbox Sodo in Seattle last Friday, The Pretty Reckless put on a show to remember. Opening up with “Follow Me Down,” the opening track to 2014’s Going to Hell, it was apparent just moments into the performance that The Pretty Reckless do not hide behind a wall of overproduced, auto-tuned rock songs, sounding as good, if not better, live than they do on their albums.

The night was filled with tracks off all of their releases including the heavy-hitting “Since You’re Gone,” played second in the set, “Prisoner,” and “Light Me Up,” the title track off of their 2011 release. The song choices catered to fans new and old, those that have seen The Pretty Reckless before and those that might be seeing them for the first time.

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“Make Me Wanna Die,” the first song The Pretty Reckless ever released, was a highlight moment of their set. Fans sang along loudly with vocalist Taylor Momsen as she hid behind her curtain of blonde hair, letting her vocals do all of the talking.

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At just 23, Momsen has proven herself in the hard rock scene with her captivating presence onstage and powerhouse vocals that bounce off the walls of every venue The Pretty Reckless perform in. Her ability to control a crowd with simply her vocals was proven most powerful during “My Medicine.” Though a simple track, the simple percussions and repetitious electric guitar played throughout the song allows Momsen’s vocals to take the forefront, showing off her gritty-grungy vocals from start to finish.

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Helping to bring each song to life onstage were Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums), who individually bring something different to the table, making for an unforgettable live show that both entertained the crowd in front of them and showed off each of their musical abilities that make The Pretty Reckless what it is.

Closing out the night with an encore of “Fucked Up World,” off of 2014’s Going to Hell, it’s really no surprise why The Pretty Reckless are one of the most talked about bands in the genre right now. With a captivating and talented vocalist and a group of musicians who collectively help create the imperfectly perfect Pretty Reckless sound, they are definitely a band to not miss when they come touring through your town.

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