5 Albums That Inspired Beach Weather’s ‘Chit Chat’


5 Albums That Inspired Beach Weather’s Chit Chat

Whenever a band releases a new album, they’re almost always asked about what albums influenced them during the writing process and just in general. Beach Weather’s Chit Chat released on Nov. 4, and after hearing the record, we just had to know what the band was listening to while writing the new songs.

Thankfully, lead singer Nick Santino was up for the challenge. Keep reading to find out what albums Santino couldn’t stop jamming while working on the band’s newest album, and be sure to check out the Spotify playlist featuring all the tracks from the albums mentioned below.

When we were making Chit Chat, there were a few records I was listening to at the time.  A couple of those were probably Peter Gabriel’s So because why not? That record is just so good front to back.

Late For The Sky by Jackson Browne because it’s the perfect songwriters record.

Kurt Vile’s Waking On A Pretty Daze because it’s the perfect zone-out record.

A lot of the long high way drives on tour were spent listening to Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs. That’s my go to record whenever I can’t decide what to put on or if I just want to zone out and pass time quickly. It’s perfect.

Tame Impala’s Currents is another one I like to put on and forget about, in the best way.  Those are my favorite types of records. The ones you can listen to front to back without even realizing it.


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