REVIEW: Waterparks – ‘Double Dare’


REVIEW: Waterparks – ‘Double Dare’
Review by Annette Hansen

For the last couple of months, I’ve been super hyped for Waterparks’ debut full-length release, Double Dare. In that time, listening to all their EPs on repeat was making me a bit infatuated and anxious for more material. Now that Double Dare is here and I’ve listened to it countless times, I’m still struggling to find the right words to describe how I feel about it.

In the last year, Waterparks have garnered a lot of attention for their off-the-wall brand of pop punk. Over three EPs, and now with their full-length debut, the band have really honed in on cultivating a sound that is uniquely weird, but irrefutably catchy. With Double Dare, the band have taken their songwriting to the next level.

From adorable lighthearted pop tracks like single “Stupid For You” and “Take Her to the Moon” to angrier and more aggressive tracks like “Made in America” and “Little Violence,” lead singer Awsten Knight proves himself as an impressive songwriter with his ability to hook you in and still be versatile. Waterparks are even swoon worthy with their first slower tune, “21 Questions,” a sweet acoustic melody about the internal conflict of being “the other man.”

There are a few moments of Double Dare that feel a bit more like fillers, particularly on songs like “Powerless” and “Plum Island,” which are not bad songs, but lack some of the luster that is apparent throughout the album. In the end, though, Waterparks have delivered some solid work as an up-and-coming act in the alternative scene. Double Dare shows why this band is a noteworthy force not to be missed.

So here are my thoughts: Waterparks are easily one of my favorite bands I’ve come across in a while. With Double Dare, the youthfulness of this band is apparent, but so it their potential. If you’re not on the Waterparks hype-train yet, now’s the time to hop aboard.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Recommended Tracks: “Take Her to the Moon,” “21 Questions” & “It Follows”


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