BEHIND THE SONG: The Sore Losers – “Got It Bad”


Behind The Song: The Sore Losers – “Got It Bad”

alternative rock at it’s finest. going to be hearing a lot from this band in the future, from Belgium, track is off new, third album Skydogs releasing on Nov. 4.

We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Jan Straetemans to get the low down on the track. Read what he had to say and listen to the song below.

This guy really gots it bad for this femme fatale, this wild, dangerous woman. He knows she’s gonna be the end of him, but he just can’t resist. At first he’s coming in strong, self confident, thinking he can handle this girl, but she turns out to be way more wild, smart and crazy than he assumed, making her even more attractive and turning the tables on him. I made this girl up and put her together inspired by some crazy women I have encountered along the way or that spoke to me in movies or books. I put her together out of all these impressions and memories, like some sort of femme fatale Frankenstein. She is on the cover of our album. That seductive posture, she lures you, she seems to surrender to you, but then you see the skull on her shoulders instead of a face and you know you’re done for.

This was the very first song we recorded for our new album SKYDOGS. We wrote, recorded and mixed the album in ten days with producer Dave Cobb in a studio in Berlin. “Got It Bad” set the tone for this intense, short collaboration. We walked into the studio sat down with some acoustic guitars and worked out the parts, wrote the lyrics and recorded. We started off with the chorus, coming in strong and followed by a fuzzy countermelody. In the verse, we hold back in the instrumentation to make way for this staccato almost rap-like vocal with attitude. ‘Cause this guy’s really got it bad for this femme fatale that’s getting a hold of him. Big Ringo Star like drum fills take you back to the chorus. Dave suggested to write a progression underneath the solo which turned out great. The solo itself is melodic with a slow vibrato. It makes you want to sing along to it, which I actually did, and we just left in there as you can hear somewhere around 2:23. The songs hits its final with a repetition of the chorus and a delay on the vocals that is freaking out all over the place.


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