TRACK BY TRACK: Taylor Tucker – ‘Leather Shoes’


Track By Track: Taylor Tucker – Leather Shoes

Taylor Tucker isn’t an ordinary singer/songwriter. With a strong voice and catchy lyrics, she borders the line between bonafide pop songstress and indie rock queen. Drawing influence from Sara Bareilles and Lily Allen, Tucker shines on her debut EP, Leather Shoes. The songs are the perfect blend of sexy and serious, showcasing Tucker’s range of emotion and songwriting talent.

We recently caught up with Tucker to get the story behind each song on Leather Shoes. Check out what she had to say below!

Enough To Me: I started off writing “Enough To Me” for my sister to remind her that she’s beautiful in every way possible (and is a TOTAL rockstar). This song is and will always be dedicated to my sister, but it’s also dedicated to every single person who has ever felt insecure in their life. Always know that you are enough and you do not have to be anyone but yourself. When you believe you are special in every possible way, good things will start happening in your life and a positive outlook will evolve.

Leather Shoes is a fun, quirky tune I wrote about a guy I met at a bar a while back in Manhattan. He had very funky white leather shoes on and was acting super cocky (which is not a turn on, guys). I then started thinking about the guys I’ve met in the past with similar personalities and wrote a lovely song for them. This was the first song I recorded that had brass elements, and I’m quickly becoming obsessed with brass bands now (really into the New Orleans vibe!).

I wrote Memory about a guy I dated for a few months. It was one of those breakups where you knew you had to breakup but didn’t want to. You’re sad, hurt, angry, confused and feel like it was all your fault. You don’t even know if you were actually dating because it was such a short amount of time. I always felt like I was in his way, annoying the shit out of him all the time – not a very fun feeling. We were super creative with the recording process for this song. We used a wine glass and water to create the sound in the beginning and used a sound morphing system to record eerie backing vocal effects.

Don’t Say It is about a girl who said an unnecessary bitchy comment to me. It was one of those situations where you didn’t want the awkward silence to get any more awkward, so you laugh (awkwardly, of course) and make a stupid joke. Then you realize you should’ve stood up for yourself and addressed the comment right then and there. That’s where songwriting comes in handy – free therapy! A great way to release anger and much cheaper than drinking.

I wrote Take It Easy for one of my best friends who was experiencing anxiety (as we all do). It’s not fun to feel anxious or worried about a certain situation (or just about life in general) so I wanted this song to feel like a party. Whenever she (or you) is having a down day, you can play this song and know every little thing is going to be just fine.

Pick up your copy of Leather Shoes here.

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