Guest Blog: Luxley Shares Songwriting Tips


Tips for Songwriting with Luxley
Writing a song is a complex process that can take days or just minutes. But the songs that come together faster are a result of all the songs you’ve written before. The key is just to write. Here are some basics I keep in mind while writing:

Just Write
Stop thinking and write. The only thing that hinders your progression is you not writing.

There Is No Right Way
The process is incredibly tedious.  I will write every song in a different way.

Take The Time You Need
Songwriting sessions vary in time length, but they will go all day if they have to. Take the time that you need to get an idea out.

Organize Your Space (In A Way That Works For You)
My work space is pretty messy, but I know where everything is and I have the essentials: instruments and something to record on like a computer. I like to think its organized chaos.

Collaboration Helps, But Work On What Excites You
I write until I have an idea that I really like and save it.  Every idea that I capture has some sort of hook to it.  After I’m finished writing all together, I let any saved ideas stew for a few days or a few weeks.  Sometimes I will send to my manager to see if he likes them as well. Always great to get a second opinion.  He sometimes helps me move the needle forward on certain things that might not have been my favorite ideas at first, but then blossom into great songs.  If I’m VERY excited about any idea though, I won’t even get a second opinion or let it stew, instead I will immediately write a full song sketch. Use your best judgment.

Don’t Trust Yourself To Remember Your Ideas
I record absolutely everything.  I don’t believe in not recording your writing, even for a second.  The brain isn’t reliable to go back to something you did 2 hours ago. Record everything.

Kill Your Darlings
Remember to kill your darlings.  Sometimes your favorite part of a song that you’ve written is actually just hindering the song from being better.  Use your best judgment or get a second opinion about something you are in love with.

Make It Personal
Good lyrics are simple, direct, and often work two ways at any given time.  They should be or feel personal and authentic. Even if you’re making up a story, that story needs to be believable / feel real. It has to be something that someone can connect to and own, regardless of what you meant the song to mean.

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