Staff Picks: Four YouTube Channels For Music Lovers


If you’re anything like me, you spend more time watching YouTube than you’d care to admit. Something about watching consecutive short videos makes you feel like you’re wasting less time than you actually are. But in between my iiSuperwomanii and Danisnotonfire binges I do like to watch a good album review, top ten list or various other sorts of musical content. While music vloggers aren’t exactly the same kind of powerhouses as many of their fellow YouTubers, there are a lot of great channels offering up content perfect for music lovers.

The Needle Drop

The Needle Drop is a YouTube channel run by “the internet’s busiest music nerd” Anthony Fantano. The channel mostly consists of Fantano’s numerous and diverse album reviews as well as the occasional music discussion. Whether you agree with Fantano’s opinions or not, it’s hard not to respect his reviews. His tastes cover a wide range of artists and genres, and his thorough analysis of each album proves that he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Rock It Out! Blog/Consequence of Sound

Before the Rock It Out! Blog became part of Consequence of Sound’s music channel, I enjoyed watching host, Sami Jarroush, dish out music news and rock ‘n’ roll commentary. The show had come a long way over the years, with added production and more panel-like discussions. Unfortunately, the Rock It Out! Blog was canceled in January, but there is plenty of other great content on Consequence of Sound’s channel, particularly their “I Just Don’t Like…” series.

Jarrod Alonge

Unlike the other channels on this list, if you’re looking for serious music news, reviews and discussions, this is not the channel for that. Alonge offers up a more traditional and funny YouTube approach with an alternative rock twist. With a mix of spoof, sketch and generally hilarious videos, Alonge brings a welcome dose of humor to the scene.


This makes for two review channels on this list. Reviewer, Jonathan Compton, manages to be thorough in his reviews without going over his viewers head, unlike what I see in a lot of music reviews. For me in particular, he fills in the gap left behind by bigger reviewers by covering more and primarily alternative acts. Personally, I like his taste in music, and beyond that, his reviews seem credible.


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