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New wave pop band, The Millenium, will have melodies sticking to you for days. The four-piece based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin blends traditional pop style with a fusion of new wave beats, and creates an infectious sound unique to themselves. You can check out the video for their new single, “Stay” below.

Current Single: “Stay


Matt Hasenmueller // Vocals
Kyle Featherstone //  Guitar/Keys
Kyle Culver //  Guitar
How did you form?
We formed in May 2014, after our two local bands, The Picture Perfect (Kyle Featherstone) and The Last Semester (Matt Hasenmueller, Kyle Culver) had disbanded around the same time. With of all us bringing different skill sets and expertise to the table, it only seemed fitting to form out of the ashes of the former and create something new.
What has been the highlight of your career so far? 
As a band we all had a similar goal of playing Warped Tour, whether it be a single date or the whole tour. Having played Milwaukee and the Minnesota date since our inception,, it gave us an incredibly honest perspective on how much you have to sacrifice if you want to be a successful touring band.
Why should people listen to you? What makes you different?
With every lyric and syllable, chord and melody, tone and message, it has always been calculated. It’s always been an idea we’ve carefully thought over. All of what we do is a representation of how important music is as a catalyst to who we are as people. It’s never been dishonest, and it will always be a way in which us three together view and interpret the bustling world around us.
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