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Meet Kyler Daron, rising Nashville singer-songwriter. Growing with his own brand of writing, the Boise born singer delivers intimate and provoking tunes geared to reach the soul. Recently, we spoke with Daron about his aspirations, lifestyle, and his musical journey.

Current Single: “American Storm

How did you get your start in music?
I started playing music like most others probably did. I took guitar lessons from a few teachers over the years at a young age, but in my mid teens I took to songwriting and recording. From as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to play guitar, and I’m really thankful that my parents pushed me to continue taking lessons as a kid.
What would you like to see yourself accomplish within the next three years?
I’ve always wanted to write for film and TV. In the next three years I’d like to find a way for us to make it into that medium. Since the beginning of my music career I’ve been writing songs with a kind of cinematography in mind, and I think those two art forms are closely linked and it’d be fun to write to a script of some sort. In addition to that I’d really like to be on the road at that time, trying to build a larger fan base across the nation.


Talk to us about your writing process and environment, what are some of the factors and influences behind your instrumental and lyrical content?
Writing for me usually looks like strapping my guitar on and walking around the house. It sounds funny, but it’s kind of refreshing walking room to room while you sing. The acoustics change and I think your mindset may too. I typically find a chord progression that I like and find a melody from there. The lyrics then begin as just a byproduct of the feelings or thoughts that are inspired by that melody. At that point, I’ll take the song to the band, where we’ll experiment until we find the pieces that ultimately actualize the song in the end.
If you could collaborate with any artist or group, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I’d really love to write with Noah Gundersen. It’d be a huge honor. I’ve looked up to that guy’s songwriting throughout my writing career, and his music is still a major inspiration for me today.


Tell us about your day-to-day lives, discuss the role of music either as a full time job or the time it shares with your other obligations in life.
The Kyler Daron band is a kind of family in that most of us are working on many different musical endeavors at the same time. Our cellist plays in the Nashville Philharmonic, and our guitarist plays country gigs around town most nights. We always find our way back to hanging out, playing and writing though, just for the sheer fun of it. We really are lucky to be able to do the things we do.
What has been the Highlight of your musical journey so far?
This last fall we had the opportunity to have the new record mixed and mastered by Paul Moak. It was a dream. I had wanted to work with him for years and years and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with how the record turned out. It was inspiring to see what potential the songs had as soon as he put his hands on them.
What gear do you use?
I play a Taylor GS Mini that really is just a phenomenal instrument. The build is perfect and you couldn’t get a better sounding guitar for the price. I put an LR Baggs M80 in it for live situations. Our electrics are mostly Fender Tele’s, and we run through a bunch of different gear including Strymon, JHS, Fender, Orange, MXR, Walrus Audio, and a ton more.


What are you listening to at the moment?
Cathleen Edwards has been inspiring me a lot lately. Her tunes are just so finely crafted and the production is awesome. Voyager is a fantastic record because of it. Singer/Songwriter stuff is my favorite. London Grammar is another artist that makes my soul ache lately. The guitars and vocals in those songs are killer.

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