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Post rock outfit Kindler are going back to their roots. The alternative group based out of Asheville, NC embraces aggressive mid 2000’s riffing while overlaying aggressive clean vocals for a provocative and highly intriguing sound.

Current Single: “Shifting Ground

Cameron Fitzpatrick //  Bass guitar, lead vocals, keyboards
Stephen Wiley //Drums, percussion, vocals
Nick Wiley // Guitar, vocals

How did you form? 

We actually met through Cameron’s parents who attend the same small Anglican church as the Wiley brothers. Years before Kindler started, we formed a side project called “Big Money” together and many of the songs we wrote then we’re eventually woodshedded and used for Kindler material when we officially formed in 2013.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

In April of 2014, we partnered with local charities to release our first music video “Shifting Ground” in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Seeing the project take on its own life and grow through people outside of the band was truly magical!

Why should people listen to you? What makes you different?

We’d guess most bands would agree that it’s hard to talk about this sort of thing, but there are definitely some things we are very intentional about that may help answer the question. For starters, each of us draw from wildly different musical influences that include classic rock, Appalachian folk, metal, classical, and good ‘ole fashioned hard rock. While it makes the writing process more tedious, we feel it results in a fresh, modern, experimental rock sound with a hint of a “throw back” vibe to it. We also take a classic approach to recording and have purposefully employed minimal editing and auto-tuning in an effort cultivate a sound that’s punchy, raw, and has timeless character. From a genre perspective, fans if Rush, Tool, Yes, Karnivool, Mastodon, and Thrice will feel at home.

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