10 Music Videos That Never Get Old


While sometimes it seems like streaming has all but “killed the video star,” the music video is still an art form worth appreciating. For me, my more formative teenage years were spent watching music videos for hours on end. Watching those videos exposed me to most of my favorite bands and many of them still bring back fond memories. These are just a few of the videos that still insight all kinds of nostalgia and joy.

“You’re So Last Summer” – Taking Back Sunday

This video was definitely amongst the many that graced my early social media profiles. For some reason I just got such a kick out Flavor Flav lip-syncing along to Taking Back Sunday. Still do.

“Walking Contradiction” – Green Day

Green Day nonchalantly walking around almost getting hit by trucks and pianos is music video gold in my world.

“I’m Not Okay” – My Chemical Romance

If you’re a former emo kid, then you’re lying if you say this song wasn’t your misfit anthem. This video perfectly portrays that concept while still being incredibly silly and adorable.

“Mr. Brightside” – The Killers

One of my favorite middle school memories is imitating Brandon Flowers in this video. I still can’t help but hand gesture along when I see it.

“Learn to Fly” – Foo Fighters

So I have a thing for goofy music videos. Foo Fighters are probably the masters when it comes to the goofy music video art form. Never afraid to throw on a dress and make people laugh, the Foo Fighters don’t get much funnier than they do in “Learn to Fly”.

“Honest Mistake” – The Bravery

This video is just visually cool with the use of a super intricate domino chain.

“I Don’t Care” – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy are also great about making funny videos. I have a hard time imagining Patrick Stump as anything short of sweet, but this video gives me a good idea of what it might be like if he decided to be a jerk.

“Crazies” – I Fight Dragons

This video may not be as old as the others on here, but it has all the right elements to win my heart. Hipster jokes and “Evil Dead” references are a good way to win me over.

“Nice Guys Finish Last” – Green Day

This video has always been one of my favorites. Comparing a concert to a football game? Genius.

“All That I’ve Got” – The Used

One of the few serious videos on this list, “All That I’ve Got” is creative with its use of live action and animation. Plus, it tells a twisted tale that is both eerie and charming.


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