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Heads up! LA’s Satellite Sky is crashing to Earth, and this rock outfit’s punk riffs pack a hit. The appropriately named sibling duo Kim and Pete Kicks sat down with us to talk about their life, career and experiences as a rising band. The outfit is definitely on their way to some breakout hits. You can also check out the stream for their newest single, “Next Time” below.

Current Members:

Kim Kicks // Drums
Pete Kicks // Guitar

Current Single: “Next Time”

How did you form?
Being brother and sister, we started jamming as kids in the garage. A true garage rock band! Eventually, as we improved, our parents allowed us to move into the back room of the house. They always encouraged us to play music and to pursue our creative endeavors. We formed a couple of different bands and gigged around Melbourne, before touring throughout Australia and eventually overseas. Satellite Sky is the first project that’s just the two of us on the same page with what we want to achieve musically.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Having been lucky enough to tour throughout the world, the people we have met along the way are certainly a highlight. You never really know how your music can connect with people and what it means to them. Some of the stories we have been told by fans about how we have affected their lives in a positive way are quite amazing and inspiring. Playing festivals is always fun, but the intimate gigs are pretty special as well. Recently we played a show for the U.S Army just before the soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan and that is definitely one that stands out in our memory.

Why should people listen to you? What makes you different?
If you dig old school rock n roll with a modern edge, you will probably like our music.  People often say rock n roll is dead, or rock n roll is coming back. In our opinion, it never died! It just got flooded with other musical styles making it harder to find legit rock music that will stand the test of time.

Being siblings, there is definitely an energy and chemistry we have that comes through in our music both recorded and on stage.

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