Guest Blog: Sariah’s Musical Inspiration


NYC pop artist Sariah sat down with Highlight Magazine to talk about music that has influenced her and her career.

If there were any album from my favorite artists that I could have written myself, it would be the  “Kaleidoscope Heart” album by Sara Bareilles.

Sara Bareilles immediately grabbed my attention when her first single “Love Song” came out.  Most people may not know this, but “Long Song” is actually a response written to her record label.  They asked her to “write them a love song” so it could be her single.  Well, instead she did quite the opposite and look at where it brought her!  She is one of the most honest and genuinely beautiful artists of our time. I admire her individuality and how REAL she is both on and off stage.

Most recently, Sara had a tough break up, created a new band, and moved to Brooklyn!  She is also working on a musical so of course I love that about her being that I grew up in the Musical Theater world too.  She has a gift of song writing and telling a story; her own story and no one else’s.  This is where “Kaleidoscope Heart” comes in.

I have this love for break-up songs.  It’s probably because I have had some pretty awful ones.  In the end, they were all for the better.  I see it now that I am THANKFUL to have gone through every bit of heartbreak, every tear, and every relationship. This entire album of Sara’s is a journey through her heartfelt heartbreak.  She admits that she was willing to do whatever it took to stand by her love.  In the end, she had to find the strength in herself to stand on her own two feet.  She brings us through her frustration with “King of Anything,” “Gonna Get Over You” and “Say You’re Sorry.”  She shows complete vulnerability with “Basket Case” and “Hold My Heart” asking if anyone will ever know how to handle her with care.  But my absolute favorite is: “Breathe Again.”

“Out of breath, I am left hoping someday…I’ll breathe again.”  This is the perfect line to explain how we feel at the end of losing someone.  Am I going to survive? Will anyone love me like he did? Will anyone make me feel the way he does? I think this all goes through our brain as the tears stream down our face of loneliness and fear.  But she brings it back to the basics that it all begins with that first new breathe of loving yourself and waking up to a new day.

I chose this album most importantly because I like to think my new music is a Chapter 2 to this “Kaleidoscope Heart.”  It speaks to the independence of moving forward from the emptiness. It states that knowing my destiny is in the palm of my hand.  My new EP, coming out in February, discusses both relationships and the industry.  For example, one of my favorite songs on my EP speaks to being a female in this industry and not bowing down to any pressure we face everyday.

I truly hope that my music inspires others as Sara’s has done for me.  I want to help others through every bit of their journey because I am right there with them!  It is so important to me to connect with my listeners and to let them know that they are not alone.  I am SO excited for the world to hear my new stories.  When they speak to you, please stay connected and be sure to let me know!  For we are all story tellers on our own journey’s of inspiration, love, and happiness.


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