We Are Forever – To Be Alive


We Are Forever – To Be Alive
Review by Karlin Reed

It’s impossible to ignore a cover that gives the original version of a hit song a run for its money. We Are Forever managed to capture viral attention on YouTube after releasing their alternative version of Ellie Goulding’s hit “Lights”, taking her already enchanting song and transforming it into a pop-punk masterpiece. The success and hype from the “Lights” cover is the perfect prelude for the uniquely familiar sound that is the bands’ new album, To Be Alive.

Rather than one voice singing for the duration of an album, We Are Forever find the perfect mix of authentic voices in both their lead singer Aren Anderson, and their guitarist and co-vocalist Alex Nauth. Aren’s theatrical and crisp voice leads each song while Alex’s gritty and powerful tone sneaks in at all the right times, taking each song to the next level. It’s a distinctive vocal cocktail similar to that of Mark and Tom of Blink-182.

This album is sure to re-open the part of your heart you thought was reserved for your favorite Mayday Parade and All Time Low albums; songs that are upbeat with attitude, as well as filled with undeniable evidence of real musical talent. The album’s title track, “To Be Alive”, opens with harmonic acapella lines creating an entirely new atmosphere – and almost a new genre – for this innovative alternative band.

Having only started in 2010, the boys of We Are Forever have already managed to make quite a name for themselves. This album is surly being eagerly awaited by their fans, and will have no problem making it’s way to the music libraries of new listeners. The upcoming growth of their success is inevitable and well-deserved.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended Tracks: ”Be Heard”, “Everything You Are”, and “To Be Alive”
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